About Us

Welcome to Our Silver Coast Life - the ultimate resource for families seeking travel and homeschooling inspiration. Join our family of six - mom, dad, four kids, plus a pup - as we share our journey of working and schooling on the road. From the East Coast of the US to the Silver Coast of Portugal and beyond, we'll be sharing our daily life, tips for homeschooling and traveling with kids, and our favorite family-friendly destinations. 

Bamboo forest in Botanical Garden in Coimbra Portugal. One of the bamboo stalks has the word familia carved into it.

Coimbra Botanical Garden, 2022 - We didn't carve this; we discovered it while walking through the bamboo section of the botanical garden.

Our family has always had a passion for travel and we believe that exploring the world with our kids is one of the best ways to educate them. Homeschooling allows us the flexibility to travel and learn at our own pace, and we've found that the hands-on experiences we have on the road make for an unforgettable education. Here on Our Silver Coast Life, we'll be sharing our successes and failures, as well as tips and inspiration for other families who want to homeschool and travel. 

Our blog, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channels are the perfect place for families to connect and share ideas, tips and inspiration. We hope to create a community where families can come together and share their own experiences. 

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Thank you for joining us on Our Silver Coast Life! 

Our Silver Coast Life family of six on a train in Portugal wearing masks. Family travel during the pandemic.

Our family on the train from Figueira da Foz to Coimbra in 2021.