Why We Chose Portugal: Exploring Portuguese Heritage and Culture

Why We Chose Portugal: Exploring Portuguese Heritage and Culture

Are you wondering why we chose Portugal as our base for family travel? Well, it's because Portugal is amazing! We chose Portugal for many reasons....


The first step of our journey begins with dual citizenship. Sérgio is already a dual citizen, so the kids and I are able to apply as his spouse and children. (Since Portugal is a part of the European Union, we'll be able to extend our travels to other European countries too!) There were quite a few steps in the process, and you can learn more about our experience here.


After living in the Eastern US for many many years, we're ready for a more moderate climate. I need more palm trees in my life!

Two children next to a palm tree in front of a large sandy beach in Portugal.


Portugal has an incredibly long, rich, and complex history. Portugal is one of the world's oldest nation-states and, as a result, has been impacted and influenced by many civilizations over hundreds of years. There are Roman settlements, medieval castles, and intriguing historical figures, music, literature, art, etc. There are so many things to see and experience, whether you're a tourist, a local, a homeschooling family, or just someone that loves to learn about things new and old! One of our favorite things about Portugal is that we can find so much historical culture AND modern culture! From castles to concerts and more, we know that we won't be bored and we'll sneak in some learning along the way!


Portugal is a very family-friendly country, and there is soooo much to see, explore, and do. We've only scratched the surface so far, and we've had such amazing experiences and made life-long memories. I'm continuously amazed at how such a small country has so much to offer, whether we're looking for an outdoor adventure or city excitement! We can go to beaches, trails, bike paths, fluvial (river beaches), castles, museums, markets, amusement parks, malls, concerts, festivals and so much more  - all within an hour drive. And this is just what we know of... there are always new activities and events popping up!

Cost of Living

We're able to do so much more as a family in Portugal compared to the US. One example is going to the beach: In the US, we live by the coast and a local beach charges $15 per car per day. However, we've been to countless beaches in Portugal and never had to pay to park. (Note: We've been to a few popular beaches during the "off-season" and they may have parking meters during the busy season.) So if it's decent weather in Portugal, we can always take a picnic to the beach, and it's free!! There are cafés everywhere, and they have affordable snacks, treats, and drinks. So even grabbing a snack and drink on the way to the beach is a great deal. We've also been excited to see "family ticket" options at many sites making the already reasonable rates even better! We've also been able to go out to dinner more frequently, and the kids have had the opportunity to try foods they've never tried before (I'm looking at you percebes / gooseneck barnacles)!

Our Silver Coast Life family of six in front of Belem Tower in Lisbon Portugal.


We're so excited to see what the future holds, and at Our Silver Coast Life, we'll take you along on our journey from obtaining dual citizenship to exploring the best family-friendly destinations in Portugal and beyond. From picturesque beaches to historic cities, we'll share our top recommendations for accommodations, activities, and restaurants that will make your next vacation a hit with kids of all ages.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn about the rich culture and heritage of Portugal and join us on our journey!

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